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Frequently Asked Questions

Regional FAQs

Registration / Team Formation  -  Division Information  -  Safety & Equipment

Registration / Team Formation
Q When does the season actually start?
  A • Generally team meetings and practices start in August. Please see the Division Information section below for specific dates.
Q When will I be contacted by a coach?
  A • The number one question we receive all summer. Please see the Division Information section below for specific dates.

• Please do not call inquiring about your coach until the dates listed for your player(s) Divisions.

• The Board will not distribute coach information. If a coach has failed to contact you by the dates listed we will take your information and follow up with the coach directly. This is a Privacy issue for our Volunteers.
Q I missed registration, can I still register my player?
  A • Here at Quartz Hill AYSO we strive to get as many kids playing soccer as possible so we will continue to register players as long as we have space to form complete teams.

• Please see our Registration page if you have any questions about Late Registration.

• Once teams have been formed, players on the waitlist will be added to the next available team if and when an opening occurs.
Q We can no longer participate, where can I get cancellation and possible refund information?
  A • Life events happen. If you can no longer participate please contact the Registrar right away.

• Our Refund Policy and request forms are located on our Website QHAYSO Refund Policy and Form

• Although we hate to see you go, we appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible if you need to drop for the season. We regularly have kids on a waitlist or direct them to other regions when we run out of space.
Q Why doesn't Quartz Hill AYSO allow for Coach, Same-team or Age-up requests?
  A • AYSO is a National Soccer Association that is guided by 6 Philosophies. One of these being "Balanced Teams." AYSO Regions are mandated to balance teams to the best of their abilities. It is imperfect, but it is a task we work really hard to achieve. Both National Recommendations and Local Experience demonstrate that allowing numerous special requests erodes both the ability to provide Balanced Teams and creates doubt that everyone is playing by the same rules.

• Our Policy is that there will be no Same-team or Age-Up requests granted.

• Volunteer Coaches will be paired with their children, but outside requests for a specific coach will not be granted.

• On very rare occasions an exception has been made, but these result from truly extrordinary circumstances and occur in less than 5 out of the 1,700+ kids we have registered each fall.

Registration / Team Formation  -  Division Information  -  Safety

Division Specific Information
Ball Size
  • Size 3 - Playground, Schoolyard, 6U, 8U
• Size 4 - 10U, 12U
• Size 5 - 14U, 16U, 19U
  • Parent information meeting will be scheduled for late August
• There are NO weekday events for KickStart
• KickStart Sessions begin Saturday, September 7th. Final games will be Saturday November 9th.
• Players use a Size 3 Ball
Core - 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U IMPORTANT DATES
  • Players should be notified by August 12th.
• Training Sessions may begin as early as August 12th.
• (6U & 8U) One Training Session per week
• (10U, 12U & 14U) Two Training Sessions per week
• Ten game schedule begins September 7th
• Final games November 9th.
• Regular Season Games are played on Saturdays
• Regional Invitational Tournament for qualifying 10u, 12u and 14u teams will be November 16th and 17th.
• Depending on the Number of Teams, Bye weeks and Saturdays with 2 games are possible. 6U and 8U WILL NOT be scheduled for 2 games in a day.
• This is a Regional Circuit. Most Games are played at Quartz Hill AYSO fields.
• (Fall 2024) In support of our Smaller Sister-Regions in the AV, 14U teams may play Lancaster, Palmdale or Rosamond AYSO teams.
  • Players should be notified by August 12th.
• Training Sessions may begin as early as August 1st.
• Two Training Sessions per week
• Games begin as early as Saturday, August 24th
• Games in August may occur on Saturdays and/or Sundays
• Games in September and October may occur on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and/or Sundays.
• This is an Area 10D circuit. Weeknight games might be played in Quartz Hill, Lancaster or Palmdale. One or two Sunday games will require travel to the east (Phelan/Hesperia area)
EPIC Program
  • An information meeting for Parents and EPIC Buddies will be scheduled for mid to late August
• VIP Player Registration remains open throughout the season.
• Training Sessions may begin in late August.
• One Training Session per week
• Games begin Saturday, September 10th
• Games are played on Saturdays
AYSO Extra
  • Players notified following Spring Try-outs.
• Training Sessions may begin as early as August 1st.
• Two Training Sessions per week
• Games begin as early as Saturday, August 20th
• Games may occur on Saturdays or Sundays.
• Up to 2 Games per day is possible, as are Bye weeks.
• This is a Section 1,10,11 circuit. Away games will require travel with Games as far away as Ventura, Bakersfield, Redlands, San Bernardino.

Registration / Team Formation  -  Division Information  -  Safety

Safety & Equipment
Q What Equipment do the Player Neeed?
  A • Soccer Cleats or Athletic Shoes Required

• Shin Guards. Age and Size appropriate. Shin Guards must be worn properly for ALL PRACTICES AND GAMES. The shin guard must be placed under the sock. Placing the shin guard over the sock and then folding the sock back over is not allowed.

• Socks that cover the Shin Guard Completely

• * Referees have final say about safety at game time.
Q Can I use Baseball, Softball or Football Cleats?
  A • Cleats must be safe for the game of soccer. Generally speaking Cleats safe for Soccer will not have hard sharp corners and typically do not include a toe cleat.*

• If you have more questions, please speak to your child's coach or a board member.

• * Referees have final say about safety at game time.
Q What about jewelry?
  A • No non-emergency jewelry whatsoever.

• This includes earrings, even starter earings. They must be removed in order to play. Tape\Band-Aids are not allowed over earrings.

• Emergency Medical Bracelets are allowed, but must be safe for other particpants while ensuring the emergency information is clearly visible.

• Nothing Hard or Sharp in the hair. This includes clips, berets, beads, pins, etc.

• * Referees have final say about safety at game time.
Q Are there other uniform safety concerns?
  A • Soccer is a contact sport. Some contact between players is entirely legal and can be expected. Part of the Referee's job is to make the game Safe from excessive contact that goes against the Laws of the Game.

• Long fingernails present a safety hazard. Players with long fingernails will be required to wear gloves in order to play.

• Temporary Hair Coloring is not allowed. Some brands can run and affect other players.

• Players actively bleeding from cuts or scratches may not return to play until the bleeding has been stopped and any blood cleaned from the field, equipment and/or uniform.

• If you have any Safety concerns out on the fields, please contact a Quartz Hill AYSO Board Member

• * Referees have final say about safety at game time.

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