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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Commissioner's Notes

We started with excessive heat waves and end bundled up on a frosty morning. That is Fall sports in the AV. Week 10 is here and with it our regular Fall program comes to a close. By the time the final whistle blows Saturday afternoon it will be the conclusion of over 900 matches. 130 Quartz Hill teams participating, with 70 teams from other Regions joining in the fun with one or more inter-region games.

I want to thank our Volunteer Coaches and Referees, without whom these kids would not get this experience. I want to thank the parents for supporting the volunteers and the players. We've seen great sportsmanship displayed in the vast majority of games. I want to thank our board for the countless hours spent supporting the volunteers, the players and the program. Last, but not least, I want to thank the players for all their hard work, their competitiveness, their sportsmanship and their desire to play this game we love.

There are still Regional Tournaments, Area and Section championships, All-Stars and Tournament teams for some of our players. To those we wish good luck. For those ending their Fall Season this weekend, we hope you had a great time and will return to AYSO in future seasons.   

Thank you, and enjoy Match Week 10!

Eric Dilger
Regional Commissioner

News to Know

  • TEAM AWARDS - Team Awards will be provided to the Coaches next Saturday (11/12). Pickup Instructions will be provided to them next week. Awards will not be handed out to individuals. Playground and Schoolyard Parents will receive their awards following their session.
  • SPORTSMANSHIP AWARDS - Please see the section on this page for our Fall 2022 Team Sportsmanship Awards. There were many teams worthy of the awards and we congratulate the winners for distinguishing themselves.
  • UPPER DIVISION SECTION CHAMPIONSHIPS- Coach Ryan Carper's 19U Co-ed team will compete in the Section 10 Championships this weekend in Bakersfield. Along with our 19Us a number of our more experienced Referees have been selected to Referee that tournament. We are very proud of our Players and Volunteers and hope everyone has a fun and exciting weekend!
  • TOURNAMENT TEAM TRYOUTS - 10U Girls have try-outs this Sunday and next Wedneday. Please see our Tournament Teams Page or Contact Gabe Canett for questions or more information.
  • THINKING AHEAD - SPRING SOCCER - Quartz Hill AYSO introduced its Spring Soccer program a few years ago. The past 2 seasons we've had over 400 players participate. As we've been reporting we are currently very short on Board Members and the the Spring Program is nearing a decision point of whether we can even proceed with it. If you are a parent who can help with running our Spring Program, please let us know.
  • REMINDER - LIVESCAN FINGERPRINTING - We still have volunteers who haven't completed this State Mandated requirement. Coaches who don't have this completed will affect their teams and will not be allowed to participate within Regional, Area or Section tournaments or All-Stars. Remember, if you are a Coach, Referee, Team Parent or Board Member and have not completed your AYSO LiveScan, please contact our CVPA, Nelson Brown today! LiveScan through other organizations does not transfer!
  • REGIONAL INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT INFORMATION - Quartz Hill AYSO provides a Regional Invitational Tournament at the end of the Core season for qualified teams in the 10U, 12U and 14U divisions. This tournament is not a guaranteed part of the core season and teams must qualify with a combination of Pool-play results, Team Referee Points and Team Sportsmanship. For more information please follow the link on our Schedules Page.
  • TIE-BREAKER GAMES SUNDAY 11/13 - Tie-breaker games are possible on Sunday, November 13th. A tie-breaker match will be played only if two eligible teams are tied for the final spot in a pool.Schedules Page.
  • COLD WEATHER GEAR - Reminder, and a few things to remember:
    1. Any Cold Weather Gear worn must be safe with no exposed metal or hard plastics.
    2. Beanies and Gloves are allowed during play.
    3. The Player's Jersey must be worn on top of any other layers.
    4. Hoodies should be avoided, but are OK as long as the hood is tucked in (safety!)
    5. If training pants are worn over the shorts, they should be the same color as the team shorts.
    6. Shin guards and the team socks must still be worn under the pants legs.
    7. Referees have final say on safety.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • 11/12 - Final day of Core Season
  • 11/12-13 - Section 10 Upper Division Invitational Tournament
  • 11/13 - Regional Tournament Play-in or Tie-Breaker Games (if necessary)
  • 11/13 - 10U Girls Tournament Try-out #1 (Sun)
  • 11/16 - 10U Girls Tournament Try-out #2 (Wed)
  • 11/19 - 11/20 - Regional Invitational Tournament (10U-14U)
  • 12/3 - Intermediate Coach Course (Part 2 In-Person)
  • 1/7-8 - Section 10 Extra Championships
  • 1/7-8-14 - Area 10D League Invitational Tournament
  • 1/15-21-22 - Area 10D All-Stars Tournament

Game Time

Game Schedules

Scores, Standings & Ref Stats

Report errors in scores, standings or ref points to Eric Dilger

Volunteer of the Week

Sofia C.: Sofia works with her dad to run the Snack Tent at Joe Walker. Her Saturdays start early and finish with the final games. She regularly staffs the Snack Tent while her dad also coaches and referees. Her dedication and commitment, and her always cheerful mood, provide a real service to our Region. Thank you Sofia!!!

Board Member of the Week

Robert Contreras: Coach, Referee, Board Member, but more importantly, father of Sofia and Andrew and the Husband of our late dear friend Sandra. Robert has continued his work with the Region and he and Sofia have been dedicated to continuing a family tradition of running the snack bar for the region. Their days start before 7 and end as the final games end. Robert also coaches his 12U Stingrays and Referees, and Sofia can be found working the tent almost every Saturday. Sandra was an amazing woman who gave so much to AYSO and we are sure she would be very proud of her family.

Sportsmanship Team Awards

  • 06UB - Red Racers ( Gocke )
  • 06UG - Pretty Pink Unicorns ( Huelga )
  • 08UB - Blue Sharks ( Wolf )
  • 08UB - Goal Fish ( View )
  • 08UB - Lava Rhinos ( Smith )
  • 08UG - Kickin' Cuties ( Godde )
  • 08UG - Blue Leopards ( Tago )
  • 08UG - Tidal Waves ( Silva )
  • 10UB - Snakes ( Henderson )
  • 10UB - Radioactive ( Day J. )
  • 10UB - Blue Eagles ( Lewis )
  • 10UG - Flaming Tigers ( Bobrosky )
  • 10UG - The Teal Sharks ( Gall )
  • 12UB - Stingrays ( Contreras )
  • 12UB - Greninjas ( Mathias )
  • 12UG - Regulators ( Martinez )
  • 12UG - Sonic Booms ( Wilson )
  • 14UB - Chili Peppers ( Jones )
  • 14UG - The Knights ( Rouse )

LiveScan Fingerprinting

Every Volunteer in California Youth Programs needs LiveScan Fingerprinting completed.

Please Contact Nelson Brown, our CVPA, for more information.

Help Wanted

  • REGIONAL COMMISSIONER - Election March 2, 2023 - Contact Josh Barbosa for information.
  • For interest in volunteering with the Region, jobs big and small, please contact Eric Dilger

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